Blog Update, the blueprint 2

Kickstarter Surveys Sent


we have been crazy busy trying to get these pages for The Blueprint 2 drawn, colored, and lettered to send to the printers next week. we haven’t been able to do much else really, except attend Baltimore Comic Con the other weekend. we certainly wouldn’t miss that.

thank you again to everyone that backed our kickstarter! we’ve recently sent out our backer surveys so if you’re one of them, please be sure to fill out the survey as soon as you can. we’d like to include YOUR name on our Thank You page but that would prove difficult if you don’t fill out the survey.

for anyone that backed us and chose “No Reward,” you may not have gotten a survey since it only let us send them to those that selected a reward. we’d still like to include your name so please shoot us a message on our Identity Comics Studio facebook page and let us know! –

Blog Update

baltimore con 2016

Baltimore Con Map - IDSTUDIOS

we’re plugging away at all the work for The Blueprint 2 and we’ll be sending out surveys via kickstarter soon for those that backed it. in the meantime, we’ll be headed out to Baltimore Comic Con this weekend! come and see us in the artist alley – TABLES A112, A113, A114!

Blog Update, the blueprint 2

updates on our Kickstarter

we have had so many updates to our kickstarter since we launched on 7/11. thank u so much to those of u that pledged early and spread the word about it. we know we’re asking for a good amount of money, but we really want to create the best-looking product that we can make. we want to have something that we can be really proud of to show people our stories as well as give our fans and followers something worthy of their bookshelves.

so we’ve added some new tiers, reduced the prices on other tiers – all to make the book and its perks more accessible to everyone. check out ALL of our updates on the UPDATE tab on our kickstarter page –¬† our latest update is that we will be giving away a PDF of Hyperboy and Return of the Way from THE BLUEPRINT 1st issue with every physical copy of the new book pledged on the kickstarter! since The Blueprint was created 10 years ago, we don’t have any more copies of it to sell or show. (there may only be one existing copy among the entire studio.) but we do have the digital files. we’ve had a couple of people ask where #1 is since this is for #2. keep in mind that both Hyperboy and Return of the Way for The Blueprint 2 are reimaginings of the stories. they are not a continuation from #1 and, if you pledge for a physical copy of #2, you will see the growth of the stories as well as the art for both of them.

thank you for following us so far. if you haven’t seen these yet, here are the 3 of the 4 pinups for our kickstarter. if you haven’t done so already, please be sure to check out and consider supporting this book –

Blog Update, the blueprint 2

The Blueprint 2 Kickstarter

main kickstarter image
The Blueprint 2 Kickstarter from Identity Comics Studio

our kickstarter is now LIVE! we want to be able to put this book with these stories in your hands but we can’t do it without your support! i know we may be asking for a lot but we promise to pour every bit of our hearts and souls into the project to make sure we have the best quality product we can make. and we’ve got some fun swag up for grabs too! not to mention more serious pledge rewards like commissions and even original pages.

please check out what we’re trying to bring to you and consider a pledge. share with your friends and let’s create fun art together!

Blog Update, the blueprint 2

thinking ahead

ID CREW and Loading Snacks Crew!

hey guys! well we’ve managed to survive the first half of comic con season with our 3 back to back to back conventions behind us. we went from Virginia Beach to Orlando to Washington DC and now we’re home! this awesome selfie is with the cool guys of the podcast/youtube Loading Snacks! it’s always a pleasure to see them, especially at our home show of Awesome Con. we’re still gathering our pictures from each of these cons but on top of all of that, we’re thinking ahead!!!

1st kickstarter announcement

we’re going to be launching a studio kickstarter finally with some of our stories that we’ve had floating in our brains since we started this studio like 10 years ago! phew!! we’ve been bustin our collective behinds breaking into the comics industry and recently the animation industry, all from an area where neither of those things are commonly found. and now we’re finally able to revisit our creator-owned ideas & stories with all the knowledge we’ve learned since we started this ride. the kickstarter is going to an anthology of a few short stories that will later be turned into a bigger story. more info will come as we get closer to launching it in JULY.¬†keep an eye on our ID FACEBOOK¬† for more current info on that!

Blog Update

awesome con 2016


well, we just got back from MegaCon and we’re heading right back out to Awesome Con! pics from all of these back to back to back cons will come next week. in the meantime, if you’re in the Washington, DC area, come out to the show and say HEY to us! we’ll be in the ARTIST ALLEY TABLES P3-P4-P5! (we’re right next to the Kid Zone.)

Blog Update

megacon 2016

MegaCon Artist Alley – TABLES A358, A194, A201

we just got back from Tidewater Comic Con and we had a great time out there! met some new people, chatted up with old friends, enjoyed all the love given. but there’s no rest for the wicked! we’re getting ready for the next show that start THIS THURSDAY – MEGACON in Orlando, FL! all 3 IDSTUDIOS members will have their own tables but sadly we’re all spread out around the artist alley. be sure to use THE HANDY MAP ABOVE to find each one of us. Jerry “theFranchize” Gaylord will be at TABLE A358. Bryan “Flash” Turner will be at TABLE A194. Penelope “Peng-Peng” Gaylord will be at TABLE A201. we’ll have prints, books, original art, and doing commission sketches all weekend from Thursday-Sunday May 26-29th.

Blog Update

tidewater con 2016


hey guys! Tidewater Comic Con is here! this is the first of 3 back to back (to back) conventions for IDSTUDIOS. next week is MegaCon in Orlando, and after that it’s Awesome Con in Washington, DC!

if you’re in the Virginia Beach area, come out to the show and find all 3 of us in the artist alley – TABLES A516, A517, A518! we’ll have books, we’ll have all sorts of prints, and we’ll definitely be doing sketches all weekend long! there are celebrities at this show too so there’s plenty for you to do. oh, and it’s VA Beach so LOTS of fun happening all over the place. we had a fantastic time there last year on our first visit and we’re hoping for more of the same. keep an eye on our IDSTUDIOS FACEBOOK PAGE for pics of sketches at the con!

Blog Update

2016 is here!

flash dino
dinosaur by Bryan Turner
flash alien
alien detective by Bryan Turner
franchize roller derby
roller derby gal by Jerry Gaylord
franchize car
cartoon car by Jerry Gaylord
eating a sandwich by Penelope Gaylord
ice queen
ice queen by Penelope Gaylord

so 2016 is already a month in! we’ve even got our first blizzard and we actually quite enjoyed it. we took a major break from this website after CTNX because of the holidays but if you follow us on any of our social media outlets, you know we’re still here drawing and getting work done.

usually in the beginning of the year we tend to have a little bit more time on our hands until the first set of comic cons start rolling in. and this year we won’t have our first official comic convention until May. we’ve started doing some daily sketches and we’re taking turns coming up with topics. here are just a few of our favorites. be sure to LIKE our Facebook page – for more frequent updates including our daily sketches.

Blog Update

twin tiers con 2014

we had a great time at Comics MD Fest on Aug. 2nd and pics of our sketches have been posted on the ID FACEBOOK PAGE. (check it out and give us a LIKE while you’re there!)

Exclusive print for Twin Tiers Con 2014
Exclusive print for Twin Tiers Con 2014

this weekend the whole ID STUDIOS crew is traveling up to Elmira, NY for Twin Tiers Comic Con! the con organizers had us draw an exclusive print for their show and we chose to do a tribute to Captain America 2. theFranchize drew the Captain, Flash drew the Winter Soldier, and Peng-Peng did Black Widow. you can only get the print from this convention so if you’re planning to attend, make sure you snag one! we will have our prints on hand, as well as books we’ve worked on.

they also have us for a couple of panels over the weekend. on Saturday, Peng-Peng will be part of a panel of female creators to talk about working as a lady in the industry. then on Sunday, all 3 members of the studio will have a panel to discuss what we’re up to currently and answer any questions from the audience about how we work together as a studio. check out the image below for better panel summaries. see you all in Elmira!

ID Studios panels at Twin Tiers Con 2014
ID Studios panels at Twin Tiers Con 2014