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FCBD 2014

Penelope & Jerry Gaylord at Captain Blue Hen Comics in Newark, DE
Penelope & Jerry Gaylord at Captain Blue Hen Comics in Newark, DE

Awesome Con was pretty, well, awesome! but we haven’t quite gathered all the photos from the weekend so we’ll recap on that convention a little later. for now, we’re gearing up for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! it’s the biggest day in comics and Peng-Peng & theFranchize will be spending it at Captain Blue Hen Comics in Newark, DE! it’s quite the event and we’re so very excited to be a part of it for the first time. we’ll have prints, cards, sketchcovers, and exclusive covers on hand for those that come by! we’ll be looking forward to seeing some new faces and signing Fanboys Vs Zombies and LOKI:Ragnarok and Roll books for folks. so come on out and bring the kids and enjoy what should be a gorgeous day surrounded by all things nerdy! like us! =)

check out Captain Blue Hen Comics’ FCBD page for more info –

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awesome con this weekend



*UPDATED MAP!* Find IDSTUDIOS at Tables 439/538 at Awesome Con!
*UPDATED MAP!* Find IDSTUDIOS at Tables 439/538 at Awesome Con!

Awesome Con is this weekend already – April 18-20, 2014! our business cards have been ordered, our prints are ready to rock, and we’re wrapping up some projects before heading to the show on Friday! since this show is in our hometown of Washington, DC, it’s gonna be a huge blast. and who knows, maybe one of our studiomates may have a new addition to the family before the weekend is out. 😉 everyone say CONGRATULATIONS to Flash – Mr. About-to-have-4-kids!

if you’re in the area, come on by Tables 439/538  and say SUP! to Peng-Peng, theFranchize, and Flash! we’ll have prints, books, and original art to sell. we’ll have “Adventure Time” and “Samurai Jack” books that we’ve worked on, “Loki:Ragnarok and Roll” books, and even “Fanboys Vs Zombies” trades at the table.  we’ve all done different badge designs for this show as well so we’re very excited to see everyone walking around with our art around their necks. Peng-Peng will also have an Awesome Con Exclusive Cover for My Little Pony:Friends Forever #1 so make sure u get a copy and have her sign it! see you all there!

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megacon 2014 pictures

awesome cosplayers at Megacon!
awesome cosplayers at Megacon!
fun around the convention
fun around the convention
Bryan "Flash" Turner's commissions at Megacon
Bryan “Flash” Turner’s commissions at Megacon
Jerry "theFranchize" Gaylord's commissions at Megacon
Jerry “theFranchize” Gaylord’s commissions at Megacon
Penelope "Peng-Peng" Gaylord's commissions at Megacon
Penelope “Peng-Peng” Gaylord’s commissions at Megacon

we’ve finally managed to get our pictures together from Megacon last weekend. we had an amazing time, especially for the first time being back after so many years. thanks to everyone that came by our tables and picked up our books and prints! we were even able to squeeze in some Disney and Universal fun after the con. we were in Orlando anyways so may as well. here are some pics from our time there. to see all of our pictures, head on over to ID Studios’ Facebook page    and while you’re there, click LIKE and follow us!

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Loki:Ragnarok and Roll Signing

Jerry & Penelope Gaylord signing at Third Eye Comics -
Jerry & Penelope Gaylord signing at Third Eye Comics –

just announced today! Jerry “theFranchize” Gaylord and Penelope “Peng-Peng” Gaylord will be at Third Eye Comics in Annapolis, MD for a signing event to promote their latest project LOKI:RAGNAROK AND ROLL! this is their newest project with BOOM! Studios with Eric Esquivel (Freelancers;Bravest Warriors) writing the mini-series. Issue 1 will be out on February 19th! so snag a copy at your local comic shop, then head on out to Third Eye on March 8th from 11am-1pm to get it signed by the artists! OR if you have some FANBOYS VS ZOMBIES issues you’d like them to sign, bring those too!

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theFranchize’s new project with Boom!

"Loki: Ragnarok and Roll" cover by Jerry Gaylord | colors by Gabriel Cassata
“Loki: Ragnarok and Roll” cover by Jerry Gaylord | colors by Gabriel Cassata

official buzz about Jerry “theFranchize” Gaylord’s new BOOM! Studios project has reached the public this week. head on over to to read an interview with Eric Esquivel, the writer of the new comic title “Loki: Ragnarok and Roll”. with the final issue of Fanboys Vs Zombies coming out this month, theFranchize will be putting his artistic talents towards this new book and we can’t be more excited to see the results. i mean, Norse Gods and rock bands – yeah, it’ll be quite the fun ride. click the link below and read on!

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have u seen…

Cover - "Fanboys Vs Zombies" #20 drawn by Jerry Gaylord/colored by Gabriel Cassata
Cover – “Fanboys Vs Zombies” #20 drawn by Jerry Gaylord/colored by Gabriel Cassata

the final issue of “Fanboys Vs Zombies” looks like it’s going to wrap up right where it all began – with the creative team! here’s the cover of the last issue #20 drawn by Jerry “theFranchize” Gaylord with colors by Gabriel Cassata. this issue is due to come out in November so don’t miss the action-packed finale! [Fanboys Vs Zombies #20 written by Shane Houghton | art by Jerry Gaylord | inks by Bryan Turner and Penelope Gaylord | published by BOOM! Studios]

we’ve also got pics up from our latest con – Pittsburgh Comic Con – on our ID STUDIOS FACEBOOK PAGE. head over there and check em out – and while you’re there give us a LIKE! here’s a collage of some of the Quickdraw sketches that we did. each ID Studio member participated in the quickdraw panel each day of the show. some were suggestions made by the crowd, some were just what we were feeling at the time, all of it was fun!  ~peng

quickdraw sketches from Pittsburgh Con 2013
quickdraw sketches from Pittsburgh Con 2013
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cover watch – FVZ 18

"Fanboys Vs Zombies" Issue #18 Cover - drawn by Jerry Gaylord (colors by Gabriel Cassata)
“Fanboys Vs Zombies” Issue #18 Cover – drawn by Jerry Gaylord (colors by Gabriel Cassata)

looks like the latest Fanboys Vs Zombies #18 issue that came out today made it on’s Mom’s Cover Watch!

the cover – drawn by Jerry “theFranchize” Gaylord and colored by Gabriel Cassata – pays homage to The Walking Dead issue #1. this issue is the 2nd of the 4 stand-alone stories in the FVZ world. if you haven’t already done so, head on down to your local comic shop and pick up your copy!  ~peng

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FVZ trade vol 3 out today

Fanboys Vs Zombies Vol 3 - cover by Jerry Gaylord/colors by Gabriel Cassata
Fanboys Vs Zombies Vol 3 – cover by Jerry Gaylord/colors by Gabriel Cassata

today is new comic book day and also marks the release of the 3rd volume of Fanboys Vs Zombies trades published by BOOM! Studios. what’s even more special about this trade is that it features one of our personal favorite covers done by Jerry “theFranchize” Gaylord! this is the first 4 book with Shane Houghton as the new writer of the series. has considered it one of the top 5 releases of the week! (you can view their article on it here – here’s what they say –

Why to watch for it: Jerry Gaylord was just nominated for a Harvey and his solid work can be found all over this volume of Fanboys Vs. Zombies. This is wacky and full of fun, the way comics should be.

so what are you waiting for? go to your local comic shop and snag ur copy!


on a more somber note, today we remember exactly where we were 12 years ago. it was a day that changed many of our lives forever. never forget – 9.11.01

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WV Pop Culture Con weekend

just wanted to let everyone know that theFranchize & Peng-Peng will be at the WV Pop Culture Con this weekend – Aug. 24-25th! they’ll be guests there along with the talents of Peter Steigerwald and Ethan Van Sciver. they’ll be drawing sketches, selling prints, and will have plenty of Fanboys Vs Zombies books for folks to grab up!

if you’re in the area, you should definitely pop on by the convention. it’s going to be fun times! see u there!  ~peng

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harvey reminder and updated con schedule

first up – there’s ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT to get your ballots in for this year’s Harvey Awards. if you’re a professional working in the comic industry (writer/artist/letterer/editor/etc) and you haven’t cast your vote yet, please remember to vote for JERRY GAYLORD for the MOST PROMISING NEW TALENT award for his work on Fanboys Vs Zombies! he’s up against some amazing talents so he’s in great company. the ballots are due by Monday, August 19, 2013! you can vote in as many or as few categories as you like. you can get to the ballot here –   or you can click on the picture below!

Cast your vote on the 2013 FINAL BALLOT


also, we’ve updated our 2013 CON SCHEDULE! (located on the right side of this blog, in case you’ve missed it.) there are a couple of shows that were originally on the list that we needed to cancel due to scheduling conflicts – namely Detroit Fanfare and North Carolina Comic Con which we were attending with BOOM! Studios. Boom will still be there but theFranchize and Peng-Peng will not. we also added some new ones that weren’t on the list previously, mostly because we were just waiting for confirmation. which we just got! so we’re guests at Baltimore Comic Con in a couple of weeks, we’re definitely going to Anime USA in Washington, DC in about a month as well as New York Comic Con in October!

next comic con we’re attending – WV POP CULTURE CON! that’s already next week on August 24-25! theFranchize & Peng-Peng will be there as guests again! we had so much fun meeting fans last year and we’re lookin forward to good times again! if you’re anywhere near Morgantown, WV – stop on by!!  ~peng