Blog Update

2016 is here!

flash dino
dinosaur by Bryan Turner
flash alien
alien detective by Bryan Turner
franchize roller derby
roller derby gal by Jerry Gaylord
franchize car
cartoon car by Jerry Gaylord
eating a sandwich by Penelope Gaylord
ice queen
ice queen by Penelope Gaylord

so 2016 is already a month in! we’ve even got our first blizzard and we actually quite enjoyed it. we took a major break from this website after CTNX because of the holidays but if you follow us on any of our social media outlets, you know we’re still here drawing and getting work done.

usually in the beginning of the year we tend to have a little bit more time on our hands until the first set of comic cons start rolling in. and this year we won’t have our first official comic convention until May. we’ve started doing some daily sketches and we’re taking turns coming up with topics. here are just a few of our favorites. be sure to LIKE our Facebook page – for more frequent updates including our daily sketches.

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