Blog Update, the blueprint 2

thinking ahead

ID CREW and Loading Snacks Crew!

hey guys! well we’ve managed to survive the first half of comic con season with our 3 back to back to back conventions behind us. we went from Virginia Beach to Orlando to Washington DC and now we’re home! this awesome selfie is with the cool guys of the podcast/youtube Loading Snacks! it’s always a pleasure to see them, especially at our home show of Awesome Con. we’re still gathering our pictures from each of these cons but on top of all of that, we’re thinking ahead!!!

1st kickstarter announcement

we’re going to be launching a studio kickstarter finally with some of our stories that we’ve had floating in our brains since we started this studio like 10 years ago! phew!! we’ve been bustin our collective behinds breaking into the comics industry and recently the animation industry, all from an area where neither of those things are commonly found. and now we’re finally able to revisit our creator-owned ideas & stories with all the knowledge we’ve learned since we started this ride. the kickstarter is going to an anthology of a few short stories that will later be turned into a bigger story. more info will come as we get closer to launching it in JULY.¬†keep an eye on our ID FACEBOOK¬† for more current info on that!

Blog Update

interviews by Loading Snacks

well, Awesome Con is done and we had a great time, as usual. this con holds a special place in our hearts because it’s our home show. not only do we get to see some awesome local fans, but we also get to see our friends and families at these shows. we’re still getting our photos together from the weekend but will post up on our IDSTUDIOS FB PAGE soon.

in the meantime, check out these cool short interviews by our pals at Loading Snacks. show em some love and SUBSCRIBE to their YouTube channel!

Loading Snacks interviews Jerry “TheFranchize” Gaylord!

Loading Snacks interviews Bryan “Flash” Turner!