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Trish exclusive cover by theFranchize

Aspen Comics' "Trish Out of Water" #1 Exclusive Cover by Jerry Gaylord
Aspen Comics’ “Trish Out of Water” #1 Exclusive Cover by Jerry Gaylord

about a month before Peng-Peng‘s exclusive cover for Aspen Comics’ “Soulfire” came out, Jerry “theFranchize” Gaylord also did an exclusive cover for a new Aspen title “Trish Out of Water” #1. both of these exclusive covers are for the WV Pop Culture Con. only 500 of these exclusive covers were printed so if you see us at a con near you, be sure to snag yourself a copy. theFranchize is selling the issue with his cover for $10. if you can’t wait for a con, you can contact him directly at jerry @

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soulfire exclusive cover by peng-peng

Aspen Comics' "Soulfire" #1 Exclusive Cover by Penelope "Peng-Peng" Gaylord
Aspen Comics’ “Soulfire” #1 Exclusive Cover by Penelope “Peng-Peng” Gaylord

look what rolled onto the comic book scene yesterday! Aspen Comics has just released an all new “Soulfire” #1 comic and ID STUDIOS’ own Penelope “Peng-Peng” Gaylord drew & colored an exclusive cover for WV Pop Culture Con. only 500 copies of these were made. we will be bringing copies of these books to sell at shows for $10 each. if you would like to snag a copy, you can get one from Peng-Peng directly by emailing her at penelope @ or you can just wait till you see us again at a comic con near you in 2014!

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cons are coming

the cons are coming! they’re pretty much here! this weekend starts the last onslaught of comic cons of the year. it’s going to be fast, maybe even a little furious. i’d like to promise that i’ll keep this blog updated each week with con pics but i don’t want to disappoint. there’s only so many hours in a day unfortunately.

still, we start this weekend off with BALTIMORE COMIC CON! this is our hometown con that we’ve been attending practically every year since our little studio has formed and this year is no different. it’s this Saturday – Sunday Sept. 7-8. if you’re in the area, come on out and say HI to us in the Artist Alley! all four members [Flash, theFranchize, Peng-Peng, and Domo] will be there at tables A85-A86! we always have a blast at this show and we’re looking forward to meeting new people as well as seeing familiar faces. we’ll have NEW prints, more artbooks, and drawing commissions all weekend long. and while ur there, be sure to wish theFranchize luck and keep ur fingers & toes crossed that he wins his Harvey nomination on Saturday!

Find the ID STUDIOS crew at tables A85-A86 at this year's Baltimore Con!
Find the ID STUDIOS crew at tables A85-A86 at this year’s Baltimore Con!

we also have our con pics from the past WV POP CULTURE CON 2 weekends ago up on our Facebook page. it was just Peng-Peng and theFranchize holding down the fort at that show but it was definitely still a fun trip. HUGE thanks to the coordinator, Jon, for having us there again this year as well as a big congratulations on his show growing! head on over to our Identity Comics Studio FB page to see the pictures!

Our 2013 WV Pop Con Album on our Facebook page –

we’ll be coming to a comic con near you (most likely)! hope to see some of you there!  –peng

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WV Pop Culture Con weekend

just wanted to let everyone know that theFranchize & Peng-Peng will be at the WV Pop Culture Con this weekend – Aug. 24-25th! they’ll be guests there along with the talents of Peter Steigerwald and Ethan Van Sciver. they’ll be drawing sketches, selling prints, and will have plenty of Fanboys Vs Zombies books for folks to grab up!

if you’re in the area, you should definitely pop on by the convention. it’s going to be fun times! see u there!  ~peng

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harvey reminder and updated con schedule

first up – there’s ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT to get your ballots in for this year’s Harvey Awards. if you’re a professional working in the comic industry (writer/artist/letterer/editor/etc) and you haven’t cast your vote yet, please remember to vote for JERRY GAYLORD for the MOST PROMISING NEW TALENT award for his work on Fanboys Vs Zombies! he’s up against some amazing talents so he’s in great company. the ballots are due by Monday, August 19, 2013! you can vote in as many or as few categories as you like. you can get to the ballot here –   or you can click on the picture below!

Cast your vote on the 2013 FINAL BALLOT


also, we’ve updated our 2013 CON SCHEDULE! (located on the right side of this blog, in case you’ve missed it.) there are a couple of shows that were originally on the list that we needed to cancel due to scheduling conflicts – namely Detroit Fanfare and North Carolina Comic Con which we were attending with BOOM! Studios. Boom will still be there but theFranchize and Peng-Peng will not. we also added some new ones that weren’t on the list previously, mostly because we were just waiting for confirmation. which we just got! so we’re guests at Baltimore Comic Con in a couple of weeks, we’re definitely going to Anime USA in Washington, DC in about a month as well as New York Comic Con in October!

next comic con we’re attending – WV POP CULTURE CON! that’s already next week on August 24-25! theFranchize & Peng-Peng will be there as guests again! we had so much fun meeting fans last year and we’re lookin forward to good times again! if you’re anywhere near Morgantown, WV – stop on by!!  ~peng