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Trish exclusive cover by theFranchize

Aspen Comics' "Trish Out of Water" #1 Exclusive Cover by Jerry Gaylord
Aspen Comics’ “Trish Out of Water” #1 Exclusive Cover by Jerry Gaylord

about a month before Peng-Peng‘s exclusive cover for Aspen Comics’ “Soulfire” came out, Jerry “theFranchize” Gaylord also did an exclusive cover for a new Aspen title “Trish Out of Water” #1. both of these exclusive covers are for the WV Pop Culture Con. only 500 of these exclusive covers were printed so if you see us at a con near you, be sure to snag yourself a copy. theFranchize is selling the issue with his cover for $10. if you can’t wait for a con, you can contact him directly at jerry @