art jellies

jellies week 1.2

here are the finished jellies from last week’s “person with animal” art jellies. some finished jellies will have colors, some with clean inks. it just depends on how far we each wanted to take each of our pieces. here are 2 of the 4. the other 2 are “fashionably late.” =P

Octo-Pie - colors (art by Peng-Peng)
Octo-Pie – colors (art by Peng-Peng)
Finn and Jake inks (art by theFranchize)
Finn and Jake inks (art by theFranchize)

since some of us were at a show this weekend, this week’s jellies are also going to be fashionably late, but they will be up before this week passes us by.  ~peng