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ID Comics Studios will be launching its first KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN on JULY 11, 2016 – and we want u to join us for the party! use this hashtag #IDBLUEPRINT2 to spread the word!! the kickstarter will be for an anthology book of short stories – all illustrated by the 3 studio members Jerry Gaylord, Bryan K Turner, and Penelope R. Gaylord. we will be working with some great writer friends – Kenny Groom and Jeffrey & Susan Bridges – to give these stories the fun, strong backbones that they need. we’ll have some great rewards for those that are willing to support the project with us to make this nearly decade-long dream become reality!

We’ve created a Facebook Invite to remind folks of the Kickstarter’s launch date – July 11, 2016. head on over to the ID FACEBOOK PAGE to accept the invite as well as see behind-the-scenes art that we’ll be posting throughout the campaign. wear ur party shirts, kids, cuz it’s gonna be fun times!

Blog Update

FCBD 2016


Free Comic Book Day is fast approaching! May 7th is the day after the newest Captain America:Civil War release and there’s nothing better than celebrating comics to keep the rush high. Penelope “Peng-Peng” Gaylord will be representing the studio that day and celebrating it with Third Eye Comics in Annapolis, MD. it’s honestly one of THE best comic shops in the area, dare i say even on the whole East Coast. the shop always brings out guests, have a great sale happening, and even a super cool vendor or two for their “Third-Eye Faithfuls”. it also marks their anniversary so we were more than happy to be asked to be a part of the festivities.


Jerry and Bryan both have separate prior commitments that day so unfortunately they will not be able to make it out. Peng-Peng will be holding down the fort that day. so look out for this banner (and her) in the Guest Tent! she’ll have her prints, large and small, as well as her new stickers for purchase. the shop will also have some comic titles that she has worked on available to buy! and if she hasn’t lost her head in prepping for the event, she may even bring some free comics to give away. cuz what’s a FREE COMIC BOOK DAY without some FREE COMICS!

Blog Update

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in addition to this blog and our Facebook page – – each of the ID STUDIOS members are on Twitter and Instagram too. so give us a follow and keep up to date on sketches, cons, projects, and other shenanigans! we answer questions on social media so if u want to know how theFranchize got started in the business, how Flash came up with his personal flare in his art, or how Peng-Peng draws pretty ladies, hit us up! FOLLOW and tell ur friends – #IDSTUDIOS!

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