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theFranchize and Peng-Peng on The Hangout

check out theFranchize and Peng-Peng on this week’s episode of Comicosity’s The Hangout! they were on there with writer Eric Esquivel talking about their newest project LOKI:RAGNAROK AND ROLL as well as Nerd Shamans and new fun comics to check out.

be sure to head on over to to check out other episodes with today’s hottest comic creators like Justin Jordan, Becky Cloonan, and Terry Moore!

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Flash’s variant cover for Adventure Time #23

Bryan “Flash” Turner has been very busy lately and he’s hit the ground running in 2014. most of the stuff he’s working on he can’t really show just yet BUT did you know he did a variant cover for KaBoom’s ADVENTURE TIME Issue 23?! he’s on COVER D for the issue that came out mid-December of last year. head on out to your local comic shop and ask them to find u COVER D for Issue #23. he will also have a handful of them for sale at comic cons this year. see if you can figure out what inspired his cover idea!

"Adventure Time" #23 - Cover D drawn and colored by Bryan Turner
“Adventure Time” #23 – Cover D drawn and colored by Bryan Turner
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theFranchize’s new project with Boom!

"Loki: Ragnarok and Roll" cover by Jerry Gaylord | colors by Gabriel Cassata
“Loki: Ragnarok and Roll” cover by Jerry Gaylord | colors by Gabriel Cassata

official buzz about Jerry “theFranchize” Gaylord’s new BOOM! Studios project has reached the public this week. head on over to to read an interview with Eric Esquivel, the writer of the new comic title “Loki: Ragnarok and Roll”. with the final issue of Fanboys Vs Zombies coming out this month, theFranchize will be putting his artistic talents towards this new book and we can’t be more excited to see the results. i mean, Norse Gods and rock bands – yeah, it’ll be quite the fun ride. click the link below and read on!

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cover watch – FVZ 18

"Fanboys Vs Zombies" Issue #18 Cover - drawn by Jerry Gaylord (colors by Gabriel Cassata)
“Fanboys Vs Zombies” Issue #18 Cover – drawn by Jerry Gaylord (colors by Gabriel Cassata)

looks like the latest Fanboys Vs Zombies #18 issue that came out today made it on’s Mom’s Cover Watch!

the cover – drawn by Jerry “theFranchize” Gaylord and colored by Gabriel Cassata – pays homage to The Walking Dead issue #1. this issue is the 2nd of the 4 stand-alone stories in the FVZ world. if you haven’t already done so, head on down to your local comic shop and pick up your copy!  ~peng

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FVZ trade vol 3 out today

Fanboys Vs Zombies Vol 3 - cover by Jerry Gaylord/colors by Gabriel Cassata
Fanboys Vs Zombies Vol 3 – cover by Jerry Gaylord/colors by Gabriel Cassata

today is new comic book day and also marks the release of the 3rd volume of Fanboys Vs Zombies trades published by BOOM! Studios. what’s even more special about this trade is that it features one of our personal favorite covers done by Jerry “theFranchize” Gaylord! this is the first 4 book with Shane Houghton as the new writer of the series. has considered it one of the top 5 releases of the week! (you can view their article on it here – here’s what they say –

Why to watch for it: Jerry Gaylord was just nominated for a Harvey and his solid work can be found all over this volume of Fanboys Vs. Zombies. This is wacky and full of fun, the way comics should be.

so what are you waiting for? go to your local comic shop and snag ur copy!


on a more somber note, today we remember exactly where we were 12 years ago. it was a day that changed many of our lives forever. never forget – 9.11.01

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harvey reminder and updated con schedule

first up – there’s ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT to get your ballots in for this year’s Harvey Awards. if you’re a professional working in the comic industry (writer/artist/letterer/editor/etc) and you haven’t cast your vote yet, please remember to vote for JERRY GAYLORD for the MOST PROMISING NEW TALENT award for his work on Fanboys Vs Zombies! he’s up against some amazing talents so he’s in great company. the ballots are due by Monday, August 19, 2013! you can vote in as many or as few categories as you like. you can get to the ballot here –   or you can click on the picture below!

Cast your vote on the 2013 FINAL BALLOT


also, we’ve updated our 2013 CON SCHEDULE! (located on the right side of this blog, in case you’ve missed it.) there are a couple of shows that were originally on the list that we needed to cancel due to scheduling conflicts – namely Detroit Fanfare and North Carolina Comic Con which we were attending with BOOM! Studios. Boom will still be there but theFranchize and Peng-Peng will not. we also added some new ones that weren’t on the list previously, mostly because we were just waiting for confirmation. which we just got! so we’re guests at Baltimore Comic Con in a couple of weeks, we’re definitely going to Anime USA in Washington, DC in about a month as well as New York Comic Con in October!

next comic con we’re attending – WV POP CULTURE CON! that’s already next week on August 24-25! theFranchize & Peng-Peng will be there as guests again! we had so much fun meeting fans last year and we’re lookin forward to good times again! if you’re anywhere near Morgantown, WV – stop on by!!  ~peng

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ready for SDCC?

all of us at ID Studios are gearing up for the biggest comic con that any of us have ever been to. you may have heard of it, it’s called SAN DIEGO COMIC CON! all 4 members will actually be there, but we won’t have a table at artist alley or anything. some are going for their first time, some are going to work, but all are going cuz SDCC is awesome!

couple of announcements as we ready up for the show.

firstly, Red Circle Comics’ New Crusaders: Legacy book has just hit shelves. theFranchize did some pages in there so you can go to your local comic shop and snag your copy. or you can order one online through Red Circle’s website –

"New Crusaders: Legacy" page - pencils by Jerry Gaylord [original post from]
“New Crusaders: Legacy” page – pencils by Jerry Gaylord [original post from]

what with the BOOM/Archaia merge done before SDCC, they’ve just announced that both companies will have 1 booth on the con floor – BOOTH 2229. which means the booth will be brimming with some of the best titles outside of “the big 2.” both theFranchize AND Peng-Peng will once again be drawing on sketch covers the entire show at the BOOM booth. theFranchize will be drawing zombie-fied versions of fans of Fanboys Vs. Zombies while Peng-Peng will be on the all-ages side drawing Adventure Time sketch covers with other artists. be sure to get on the lists early because if it’s anything like what it was last year, the lines will be BA-NAY-NAYS!

Adventure Time sketchcover by Peng-Peng | Fanboys Vs Zombies sketchcover by theFranchize
Adventure Time sketchcover by Peng-Peng | Fanboys Vs Zombies sketchcover by theFranchize

also at SDCC, Bryan “Flash” Turner will sitting at the BOOM! booth to do signings of his awesome Adventure Time/Candy Capers SDCC-Exclusive covers! when he’s not signing, he’ll be running around the con so you snag your signatures on Adventure Time and FVZ books while he’s there! Signing schedule –

  • Friday 7/19 from 5:30p – 6:30p
  • Saturday 7/20 from 1:30p – 2:30p
  • Sunday 7/21 from 2p – 3p
Candy Capers #1 and Adventure Time #18 SDCC Exclusive covers by Bryan "Flash" Turner
Candy Capers #1 and Adventure Time #18 SDCC Exclusive covers by Bryan “Flash” Turner

since the ID Studios members will not be sitting in Artist Alley and are doing sketch covers for BOOM all weekend, they won’t be able to take commissions at the show. BUT theFranchize, Flash, and Peng-Peng are all opening up their pre-con commission lists so that you can pick up your personal commissions from them while they’re at the booth. head on over to their respective blogs for more info or tweet to each of them.

PHEW! i think that’s finally all folks! we’re all so excited for San Diego and we’re trying to meet some deadlines before we leave. if anyone is heading out the con, i hope we see some of you at the BOOM booth or just around the con floor.   ~peng

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heroes con wrap up

now that we’ve been home for more than 3 days straight, we can go back to showing our social outlets some TLC. the ID Studios crew were finally all under one roof at the same time in Charlotte, NC for Heroes Comic Con! this hasn’t happened since C2E2 in Chicago, IL. except this time, we were spread out across the entire convention center. Flash was on one side of the convention manning the ID Studios booth like a champ. Domo was on the other end with his Studio Revolver mates. Peng-Peng and theFranchize were in the center at the BOOM Studios booth drawing sketches. it was certainly weird being all split up, even our fans told us it just didn’t feel right not having us all in the same spot. we tend to agree and we will avoid that same situation again in the future. we made the best of an awkward situation and had to just send some fans all across the con floor to get to all of us. sorry guys!

there were a lot of Adventure Time drawings done, and even more quick sketches for the kids who had those con passports. while at the Boom booth, Peng-Peng was interviewed by the guys of Comics Alternative about working on Adventure Time. check out the interview of her, as well as other comic creators from the con, on their podcast at  (her interview starts at the 39-minute mark.) GIVE IT A LISTEN!

we got to see some familiar fellow artists and met some new ones as well. specifically the lovely ladies Sara Woolley and Laura Lee Gulledge – awesome ladies with even more awesome art styles. if u don’t know about em, u should! and if u were there hangin out at the karaoke bar, then u would’ve been treated to theFranchize and Flash shuttin the place down with some Montell Jordan. fun times as usual at Heroes. (unfortunately, all of our collective cellphones were dying by the time the karaoke-ing happened so no photos. d’oh!)

here are pics from the weekend!

fun times at Heroes Con 2013!
fun times at Heroes Con 2013!
a collection of most of Peng-Peng's Adventure Time sketches
a collection of most of Peng-Peng’s Adventure Time sketches
sketches done by theFranchize (and a captain american shield he signed)
sketches done by theFranchize (and a captain american shield he signed)
sketches done by Flash at the show
sketches done by Flash at the show

next up – Annapolis Comic Con on June 29th! we’ll see u guys there!!!  ~peng