Blog Update, the blueprint 2

kickstarter funded

well, if you’ve been following our IDSTUDIOS Facebook Page or our individual pages, you probably know by now that our very first kickstarter was successfully funded!!! we even managed to create some stretch goals in order to make the finished product of The Blueprint 2 as beautiful as we can make it. so now, all the books will be hardcover, include a dust jacket, and have some nice spot gloss. cuz we fancy!

HUGE HUGE THANK YOUS to everyone that pledged and shared for helping us turn this book into a reality. if you backed the kickstarter, you’ll get updates periodically as we put the book together. as far as updates on this website, it may be a little while before we’re able to update much. each of us are working hard to finish the art. half of the art in the book is complete, the other half is what we’re powering through now.

somehow, between all the work we’re doing for our book as well as our other projects, we’re going to be attending Baltimore Comic Con on Labor Day weekend! see you there!

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