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Halloween ComicFest at Geppi’s
Halloween ComicFest at Geppi’s Museum in Baltimore, MD –

the studio has been very busy attending back to back to back comic cons and it’s all finally coming to an end for the year. we just got back from New York Comic Con (which was amazing & crazy, as per usual). we were at the small Annapolis Comic Con last Sunday and this coming Saturday is our final event. Halloween ComicFest is being celebrated in the comics community nationwide and theFranchize & Peng-Peng will be fest-ing it up at Geppi’s Entertainment Museum in Baltimore, MD. they’ll be there courtesy of Art Way Alliance to talk about making comics and how they work together as a studio on their past projects like Fanboys Vs. Zombies and Loki:Ragnarok and Roll. here’s a short press release of what to expect.

Geppi’s Entertainment Museum & Art Way Alliance Present…
Comic Strip Classroom: A Comic Strip in Three Panels:
Geppi’s Entertainment Museum will host Art Way Alliance’s Comic Strip Classroom: A Comic Strip in Three Panels!  In this exciting workshop, we will have Special Guest Artists Jerry Gaylord from Identity Comics teaching participants the art of telling short stories.  Learn how to establish a scene—and the characters who are interacting within it—in three simple comic panels.  Discover your sequential art skills; learn how to draw an environment, and to create images that work with it!
afterwards, they’ll have books to sell and sign. they will be there around 1pm but the event goes from 10a – 6p.

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