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praises to Loki:R & R Issue 3

"Loki:Ragnarok and Roll" #3 - cover by Alexis Ziritt
“Loki:Ragnarok and Roll” #3 – cover by Alexis Ziritt

according to, LOKI:RAGNAROK AND ROLL #3 is tied for the highest-ranking comic out this week! getting a 9 out 10 rating, it beat out the likes of Avengers #28, All-New X-Men #26, and even Amazing Spider-Man #1! WE’LL TAKE IT! GO TEAM!

have you picked up your copy yet? head on out to your local comic shop and snag it! it’s available now!

[LOKI:RAGNAROK AND ROLL #3 (Boom Studios) – written by Eric Esquivel | pencils by Jerry Gaylord | inks by Jerry & Penelope Gaylord | colors by Gabriel Cassata]

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