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final total and list of heroes – week 3

the last week for our #SketchesForHaiyan really got folks donating and we couldn’t be more grateful. it’s a good thing we decided to keep it going for one more week so that we were able to get more donations for sketches. running this fundraiser has been a very humbling experience to see people’s generosity and willingness to help their fellow man from across the globe.

we received $776 to draw sketches in exchange for donations. after shipping costs, together we were able to donate a total of $692.70! according to PayPal, that’s equal to 29,807.50 PHP (Philippine pesos)!! thank you all so so much for donating. it may seem like a drop in the bucket when you compare it to the amount of damage that was done in the region from Typhoon Haiyan, but every little bit helps. we are firm believers that when you work together, anything is possible.

here’s the final List of Heroes from all 3 weeks. we will be sending the final sketches by next Monday, the 16th. it should still get to everyone well before Christmas, in case you were giving them as presents. thank you for donating and spreading the word, from all of us at IDSTUDIOS! you are all heroes in our book!

#sketchesforhaiyan List of Heroes from week 3
#sketchesforhaiyan List of Heroes from week 3

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