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SketchesForHaiyan extended and list of heroes – week 2

if your Thanksgiving weekend was anything like ours, then half of last week was already spoken for with friends, family, and food. SO – we are extending the deadline to participate in our #SketchesForHaiyan fundraising! we wanted to get as much money to donate to the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) and give people the opportunity to get them. so now we will be ending this on DEC. 9TH (instead of the original Dec. 2nd). plenty of time to donate AND get a nice little sketch by theFranchize, Flash, or Peng-Peng (or all 3 if you like!)

#sketchesforhaiyan List of Heroes from week 2
#sketchesforhaiyan List of Heroes from week 2

today marks the end of another week and we have more names added to our List of Heroes! thank you so much to everyone that has participated in this. your generosity will be a huge help to the thousands of people that have lost so so much to Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. if you have already donated to another outlet that benefits the victims, we want to thank you so much for your amazing generosity especially during this season when all of our pockets are already stretched thin. if you have not, please consider donating to our efforts to raise money for the PRC. just a little bit will go very far to buy food and supplies to the victims that have nothing left. and in return, we would love to sketch you something as our way of saying THANKS! (more info on the project can be found here –

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