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Awesome Con DC recap

well, what can we say? Awesome Con DC was pretty, well, awesome! we had a blast and couldn’t get enough of the love that we were shown by our fellow Washingtonians. DC has been craving for a comic con and they finally got one! for it’s 1st time out, the show was incredible. they had guests like Ernie Hudson (who doesn’t love that guy!?), Phil LaMarr, and Billy West (among others). the show seemed small at first but the attendees didn’t seem to mind because they came out in droves both days! we saw so many cosplayers and it just seemed like a fun vibe all around. Ben Penrod, the con coordinator/promoter, did a heck of a job with the show and we can only hope that he’ll be willing to have us at all of his shows here on out.

our ID Studios panel went amazingly and we met some amazing new fans. the “Hip-Hop & Comics” panel was quite serious and we learned a lot about how others see the bridge between the 2 communities (which seemed pretty seamless and inevitable). and Flash won the DOODLE! SCRIBBLE! DRAW! battle (a kids panel we weren’t originally scheduled to do but we apparently sent the best gladiator into the arena). our local fans were hungry for our art and pretty much cleaned us out of most of our stock. what more can we ask for!

because of how insanely busy we were, we really didn’t have time to take many pictures so here are the ones we did get. enjoy!  ~peng

fun people at the "Hip-Hop & Comics" panel at Awesome Con DC!
fun people at the “Hip-Hop & Comics” panel – Awesome Con DC 2013
Flash's championship belt!
Flash’s championship belt! (photo courtesy of Mark Mariano)
table shot (sort of) - Awesome Con DC 2013
table shot (sort of) – Awesome Con DC 2013
Avengers sketchcover commission - drawn by Flash & theFranchize
Avengers sketchcover commission – by Flash & theFranchize
Fanboys Vs Zombies sketchcover commission - by theFranchize
Fanboys Vs Zombies sketchcover commission – by theFranchize
Lady Captain America commission - by Peng-Peng
Lady Captain America sketch – by Peng-Peng
Mordu commission - by Flash
Mordu commission – by Flash
Nightwing commission - by theFranchize
Nightwing commission – by theFranchize
Roxas commission - by Peng-Peng
Roxas commission – by Peng-Peng

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