Blog Update

the redesign

so an unexpected hiccup in creating this site came up a few months after i created it, though i really should’ve seen it coming. basically, since the Brotherhood of Fighters is in production, there’s not as much to show as we would’ve liked on a regular basis! schedules for putting out art for our Brotherhood webcomic was being compromised for other things. but we have no intentions of stopping production on the comic and we have even less intentions of not getting our story out to the world.

SO, instead we will do our best to post on a weekly basis even if it’s not Brotherhood of Fighters related. this is our online “home” and we intend to keep coming back to it. =)  we appreciate everyone’s support as we continue to build our individual brands as well as a name for the studio as a whole. we still have our individual blogs (just visit our STUDIO page) where we keep more current information on there. we will be adding to this site as time goes on so of course it is always a work in progress.

to bring u all up to date on things that have happened since last this was updated –

  • we attended 14 comic cons/shows in 2012 as a studio. three of us (Peng-Peng, theFranchize, and Flash) were usually at all of them and a few of them we were joined by Domo. doings shows are flippin fun and we look forward to doing more this year!
  • theFranchize and Peng-Peng have been continuously working on BOOM! Studios “Fanboys Vs. Zombies” comic every month with the help of Flash. we just completed drawing Issue #12. FVZ Issue #11 is currently in ur comic shops!
  • Peng-Peng did an exclusive cover for Awesome Con for KaBOOM!’s new series “Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake” #1. you can visit Awesome Con’s website to snag a copy OR come to any of their upcoming shows this year. She is also now part of an amazing group of lady artists called “Girls Drawin’ Girls.”
  • Flash, along with theFranchize, is working on the NFL Rush Zone comic for Action Labs. he’s done drawn a couple of covers and some issues already. Issue #1 is already out in ur comic shops!
  • Domo is busy working for the Archer show on FX, still. he’s definitely cooking up something big for the near future, but as of right now he can’t disclose it. (or he’ll have to kill us. and don’t nobody got time for that!)
  • theFranchize has drawn something for Red Circle’s “New Crusaders.” more details are soon to come.
  • theFranchize and Peng-Peng were invited to attend Emerald City Comic Con by BOOM! Studios. theFranchize drew zombie caricatures at the BOOM! booth while Peng-Peng drew Adventure Time sketches on the KaBOOM! side.

all in all, it’s been quite the year and we plan on doing more. more comic cons, more projects, more online presence. cuz nothing succeeds like excess! (-oscar wilde)

see u all soon!!! ~peng

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